Terms of Use

By using DD-Kom’s hosting services you agree to comply with the terms of usage stated below. Otherwise DD-Kom has the right to terminate your privileges without any notice. You agree that whatever the case, you will not take any legal action against DD-Kom.

Registration and .mk domain usage terms

Pursuant to the Macedonian domains and subdomains registration rulebook (.mk /.com.mk/.net.mk), the person that the domain is registered to submits a request to extend the domain’s license at least 15 days before that license expires to the following email address: info [at] ddhost.mk.

If the domain is not renewed in time, it enters a protection period of 120 days and no changes regarding the data can be made in that period.
If the domain is not renewed in the first 60 days of the protection period, the domain is removed from the .mk zone, but it cannot be registered by someone else.
After the second 60 days, the domain is completely removed and can be registered by anyone.

DDKom does not guarantee the validity of any domain name. If by any reason the domain name becomes unavailable at the day of registration, DDKom is not responsible for the situation and it only informs the client that the requested domain is unavailable. The client can choose a different domain name or the client can get a refund on the paid sum.

The date of the domain’s expiry is registered in DDKom’s system. DDKom, on its own accord, can notify the client when their domains expire in order for them to renew the domains in time. The client is obliged to renew the domain in the given period. If the client does not renew the domain, then it enters a 120 days protection period and no changes can be made during that time.

DDKom is not responsible if there are any technical or other types of problems with the Macedonian Register (MARNet) which have rendered the Macedonian domains unusable

DDKom holds its right to change the domain prices of registration or renewal at any time without previous notification.

When a third party takes legal action against the domain owners (with regard to actions previously described), DDKom is not held responsible for any actions and will help in resolving the issues.

The domain’s name cannot be the same as a copyrighted name, brand, trademark etc. unless the owner of the domain is also owner of the copyrights over the name, brand, trademark etc. The domain name cannot hold any content or name that needs approval by an official body of the Republic of Macedonia except when the subject is a legal entity and the content in question is a part of the legal entity’s name.

Server Resources

The Shared and Reseller plan resources are equally divided between all the users of the server. In case some of the clients overuse the resources, the rest of the users will experience instability and slower response times. That is why the Fair Usage policy applies to all the Shared and Reseller users:

• A user cannot exceed the limit of 7% usage of the server’s total RAM memory.
• A user cannot exceed the limit of 10% usage of the server’s total processing power;
• The maximum number of Apache connections is 30 connections per second;
• A maximum of 15 MySQL connections;
• • For SPAM protection, there is a limit of sending no more than 250 emails per hour. This is usually a result of a coding error. If we log this type of error, you will be notified. You will have 12 hours to resolve the issue. Otherwise, DDKom holds its right to terminate your connection.

These limitations do not apply to the VPS and Dedicated servers. Each user gets guaranteed resources with these servers and he/she is responsible for managing them.


Any kind of spamming is forbidden. In case this kind of action is noticed, the user will be immediately deactivated without any notifications or refunds.

The Shared and Reseller users use the same IP address. When one of the users abuses the server, all the users with the same IP address will be put on the global IP blacklists for spam protection and all of the emails sent from that IP address will be either sent to the recipient’s SPAM folder or they will completely discarded.

If the user is suspended because of spamming and by doing so has caused harm to the rest of the users of that server, that same user has to pay a fee of 1000 MKD + VAT in order to be reactivated.

For SPAM protection, the Shared and Reseller users are limited to sending a maximum of 250 emails per hour.

When Shared or Reseller hosting is used, DDKom is not held responsible because the emails are received in the SPAM folder or they are discarded. With a monthly fee of 200 MKD + VAT, the user can get a dedicated IP address and these type of problems will be resolved.

These limitations do not apply to the VPS and Dedicated hosing plans.

CGI Script

All the scripts that may lead to a potential security threat to the server or abuse the servers’ resources will be automatically turned off without any previous notification. DDKom does not allow sharing scripts with domains that are not hosted by DDKom.


DDKom does not allow the users to install chat scripts that are using a high percentage of the server’s resources.


Pornographic content is allowed only when the content satisfies the terms and conditions of pornography and it is in accordance with the current laws. Links to pages that do not satisfy these conditions are forbidden. If you host these types of materials, you are the legal entity responsible if any legal action is taken.

Copyrighted Material

The user agrees that he/she will not deliver or work with illegal content or content that breaks any copyright or other rights, digitalized audio/video files, executable files, archived files and all other types of files.

The web site will be immediately shut down and the user suspended. The user is obliged to be in compliance with the local, state and international laws when he/she publishes this type of content.


The users are responsible for their own backups and protection of personal information, databases and emails. DDKom does not take any responsibility in the case of data loss.

DDKom backs up the sites we host once a week and keep only one backup copy from the current week.

In case of a hardware problem (RAM, CPU, HDD) of the servers where the sites are hosted on, DDKom is obliged to resolve the issue and remove the problem in a period of 1 to 7 working days. In case of an HDD failure, the HDD is replaced with a new one and the latest backup version is restored to the new HDD. DDKom does not guarantee for the data and their validity in case a backup is used.

The Shared and Reseller servers are automatically cleaned once a year (Auto-Cleanup) in order to get rid of old emails due to virus protection. DDKom is not held responsible for the deletion of old emails sent through the servers’ email features. The user is obliged to keep a backup of his/her emails on an external medium (HDD or online service). DDKom can provide its clients with tutorials on how to make these backups and remote access to the emails.

The maximum size of a backup made by shared or reseller users can be 2 GB. In case your backup is larger, please contact us so that we can handle the backup for you. The shared and Reseller users are limited to only one backup file. In case there are more backup files, older backups are automatically deleted after a certain period of time. DDKom is not held responsible in case sensitive information is lost with the deletion of an old backup file.

Информации за пристап

Корисникот има одговорност доставените информации за пристап до веб просторот да ги чува како доверливи и да не ги споделува со никого. Корисникот е исто така одговорен за сите активности произлезени од употребата на неговото корисничко име, доколку не се воспостави поинаку. Корисникот исто така се согласува да ги извести администраторите на ДДКом доколку забележи било какви сомнителни активности, oсобено за оние кои ги вклучуваат корисничко име и лозинка доставени до корисникот.

Access Information

The user is responsible for keeping the access information given to him/her confidential and he/she should not share the information with any one. The user is responsible for all the activity made by his username. The user is also obliged to notify DDKom’s administrators in case of suspicious activities especially in case when the username and/or password are in question.

Customer Support

For a better service, DDKom has a 24/7 customer support system. Within working hours the team is available via email, ticket system, online chat (Skype, LiveChat) or phone. Outside working hours the team is available via email or ticket system. The emails and the ticket system requests are processed within 24h but DDKom is not obliged to comply the 24h deadline as this type of support is done voluntarily.

Service Availibility
If the period of DDKom’s service availability has expired, you need to inform DDKom whether you want to continue with their services or cancel them. The payment should be made by the end of the expiry date or on the day of the expiry. After the expiry or the continuation of the contract, DDKom has the right to suspend or cancel the services if the payment is note done. Because of this, your data hosted on the DDKom servers could be fully deleted.


DDKom is not responsible in case of any type of damage to the business of the user due to momentarily, partial or full failure of its services. DDKom can at any time and without previous notification change the terms of usage. The DDKom’s users are obliged to comply with the new terms at all times.


Any attempt to disrupt the normal functioning of the servers

Websites that directly offend or publish offensive content are forbidden. These users are suspended immediately and their websites are shut down if they are noticed or reported.

If DDKom’s services are used to collect confidential information via web sites, the user is obliged to have an appropriate privacy policy that will inform the users of the said website that their personal information is being collected.